Ufone Postpaid Packages and Offers 2020


Ufone Postpaid packages are very cheap and many businessmen use Ufone Postpaid SIMS because It has free PTCL Minutes. Every company has PTCL Number and when you make calls from Other networks then you will be charged a very big amount and expensive rates.

Ufone is the smallest GSM mobile service provider in Pakistan. More than 20 Million Subscribers are in Pakistan who use Ufone Network. We will talk about Ufone Postpaid SIMS and Postpaid Packages that are very amazing and with discount prices.

Ufone Postpaid Starter Prime 300 Package is a cheaper price package for starters. Its Line Rent is Rs.300 per month which is very low cost. When you will subscribe to this Ufone postpaid Offer then You will get Monthly 1000 On-net Minutes, 150 Of-net (all Networks) Minutes and 500 MB free Internet.

To Activate Ufone Prime 300 Offer you have to contact Ufone Helpline 333 or also you can visit the nearest franchise and any retailer shop. 

Ufone Postpaid Packages & Offers


Ufone SIM Owners can get some discounts but if you are thinking to get New Ufone Postpaid SIM then you will get some interesting discounted offers. Ufone will Give you first time offers at only half price.

Packages / OFFER
On-net Mins
Free SMS
Data (MBs)
Line Rent / Price
Prime 300
1000 Minutes
150 Minutes
1000 SMS
(All Networks)
500 MB
Prime 600
2000 Minutes
300 Minutes
2000 SMS
(All Networks)
1000 MB
Prime 1000
5000 Minutes
500 Minutes
5000 SMS
(All Networks)
2000 MB
Prime 1500
7000 Minutes
750 Minutes
7000 SMS
(All Networks)
8000 MB

Ufone Postpaid Prime 300 Offer

With UFONE Prime 1500 Offer, Ufone will give You free 7000 Ufone to Ufone and PTCL Minutes for 30 Days. 750 Off-net Minutes, 7000 SMS on all networks and 8000 MBs for internet for 30 Days. This Postpaid Offer will be activated in Just Rs.1500. To Activate this offer Call 333 or Visit Nearest Ufone Franchise and Retailer shop.

Ufone Postpaid Prime 600 Offer

If you did not afford this offer then Here is another offer. By Subscribing Ufone Prime 600 Offer You will get 2000 PTCL and Ufone Minutes, 300 Minutes for all Networks, 2000 SMS and 1000 MB for the internet. It is a low price postpaid offer which is the best for starters who want to test there network.

All the packages will be subscribed from Ufone retailers and franchise or Shops. Now you can subscribe Ufone Postpaid Offers from Easypaisa App.

How to Subsribe Ufone Postpaid Package?

You can activate and subscribe Ufone Postpaid packages from Easypaisa app, by going to retailers or Mobile shop and franchise.

Check Ufone Remaining MBs

To check Ufone remaining Mb or Data Bundles dial *706#. You can also Download “My Ufone App” to check MBs, Minutes and SMS.

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