Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and 3 Days

Zong Call packages: Zong is a Pakistani No.1 4G Telecommunication Network that has a strong and good quality Courage. Now in Pakistan, Every person who uses the internet wants to use the Zong network for the Internet but with a good internet facility, Zong Provides Best Call Packages all over Pakistan. Zong is doing great convenience to his users and introducing new call packages, Internet packages, and SMS packages.

Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and 3 Days

Zong Offers to their Network “Zong Shandaar Weekly Package” where you can get free 500 On-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 500 Sms, and 500 Free Mbs for 7 Days Just in Rs.120 +Tax.
Same From “Zong Student Bundle” if you want to make a short time call then this offer is the Best. You can get Free 120 On-net Minutes in Just Rs.3+tax for 1 Day.

If you want to get a cheaper and longer minutes Package than this, then subscribe to the “Zong Student Bundle” Which provides you 120 On-net Minutes from 10 PM to 6 PM for Just Rs.3.
Apart from This, You can Buy the “Zong Super Student Bundle” With 10,000 On-net Minutes, Including 30 MBS of the Internet for the Next 2 Hours.
There are many call packages of Zong you can choose from and can Subscribe from below given complete list.

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Zong Daily Call Packages

From Zong Daily Call Packages you can get 120 On-Net Minutes to Unlimited Minutes and Sms But Every Bundle has different prices and different minutes. You can select as you want.

With”Zong Hello 1 Din Offer” you can get 120 On-net minutes, 120 SMS, and 50 MBS internet data in just Rs. 12 +tax for 1 Day.

Same These there are more best and cheap call packages you can subscribe to “Zong Shandaar Daily Package” from Zong Shandaar daily package you can get unlimited on-net calls, 800 SMS, and 50mbs free internet just for 1 day in just Rs.12 +tax.

Price Details Activation
Zong Non-Stop
Rs.10 +Tax Free 10,000 On-Net Minutes
(Except 7 PM – 10 PM)
*777# 1 Day
Zong Perfect
Rs.12 +Tax Unlimited Free On-Net Mins, 500 SMS
+ 40 MBs Internet
(Except 7 PM – 10 PM)
*118*2# 1 Day
Zong Shandaar Daily
Rs.12 +Tax Unlimited On-net Mins, 800 SMS +
50 MBs Internet
*999# 1 Day
Zong Flutter
Rs.12 +Tax Free 120 On-net Mins, 120 SMS + 50
MBS Internet
*369# 1 Day
Zong Hello 1
Rs.12 +Tax Free 150 On-net Mins, 150 SMS + 50
MBS Internet
*2200*1# 1 Day
Zong Sixer Plus
Rs.8 +Tax Unlimited On-Net Mins, 500 SMS + 1
MB Free Internet
*666# 1 Day
Zong Student Bundle
Rs.3 +Tax On-Net 120 Free Minutes
(for the next 2 hours)
*3000# 2 Hours
Zong Full GupShup
Rs.5 +Tax Free 75 On-Net Mins, Free Sms 100 +
30 Free MBs
*118*1# 1 Day
Zong Super Student
Rs. +Tax Free 120 On-Net Mins + 30 MBs
(For Next 2 Hours)
*5555# 2 Hours

Zong Weekly Call Packages

As Zong daily call packages are cheap same Zong Weekly call packages are low price rates and affordable. Zong is the best telecommunication company that has absolutely the cheapest packages and good network courage.

From “Zong Shandaar Weekly Package” you can get 500 On-Net mins, 40 Off-Net Mins, 500 SMS, and 500 MBS Internet in just Rs. 120 +tax for 7 Days. This is one of the Networks which has this type of package or no other well give you this type of packages.

If you want to get more internet data and off-net minutes then there is “Zong Haftawar Load Offer” where you can get 2500 On-net Minutes, 80 Off-net Minutes, 2500 Sms and 2500 MBs free Internet Data for 7 days just in Rs. 250 +Tax.

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Price Details Subscription
Zong All-in-one
Rs.200 +Tax Free On-net 1000 Mins, 40 Free
Off-net Mins, 1000 Sms + 1 GB
Internet Data
SMS “Weekly150”
to 6464 or Dial
7 Days
Zong Haftawar
Load Offer
Rs.250 +Tax Free On-net 2500 Mins, 80 Off-net
Mins, 2500 SMS + 2.5 GB Free
Internet Data
*70# 7 Days
Zong Unlimited
Offer Weekly
Rs.63 +Tax Unlimited On-net Minutes +
150 SMS/Day
SMS “PK7” to
7 Days
Zong Shandaar
Weekly Package
Rs.120 +Tax Free On-net 500 Mins, 50 Off-net
Mins, 500 Sms + 500 MBs Internet
*7# 7 Days

Zong Monthly Call Package

Zong always provides very good packages for their users so that everyone can get benefit from them.

Here is a “Zong Shandaar Monthly Package” which gives you free 1000 On-net minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, or 1000 SMS + 1GB Mobile data Internet in Just Rs. 300 +Tax for 30 Days.

Zong 3000 Minutes Monthly Call package is providing free 3000 minutes for Zong to Zong in Rs. 60 of load. this offer is available in Punjab and some of the nearest areas. To activate this package and to get 3000 Minutes for Zong to Zong you will need to activate the Zong low-Value monthly offer. This offer provides free 100 Zong to Zong minutes daily in charges of Rs. 40 including Tax.

Price Package
Zong Shandaar Monthly
Rs.300 +Tax Free 1000 On-net Mins, 100 Off-net Mins,
1000 SMS + 1000 MBS Internet
*1000# 30 Days
Zong monthly Power
Pack 500
Rs.500 +Tax Free 1000 On-net Mins, 50 Off-net Mins,
1000 SMS + 2500 MBS Internet
*1313# 30 Days
Zong Super Card Rs.600 +Tax Free 2500 On-net Mins, 150 Off-net Mins,
2500 SMS + 2500 MBS Internet
*6464#> 4
> 2
30 Days
Zong Monthly power
Pack 1000
Rs.1000 +Tax Free 2000 On-net Mins, 150 Off-net Mins,
1500 SMS + 5000 MBS Internet
*1313# 30 Days
Zong Supreme Offer Rs.1000 +Tax Free 5000 On-net Mins, 300 Off-net Mins,
5000 SMS + 5120 MBS Internet
*3030# 30 Days
Zong Supreme Plus
Rs.1732 +Tax Free 10,000 On-net mins, 600 Off-net
Mins, 10,000 SMS + 10,000 MBS Free  Internet Mobile Data
*1500# or
Dial *310#
30 Days
Zong 3 Months Power
Pack 1500
Rs.1500 +Tax Free 8000 On-net Mins, 200 On-net
Mins, 3000 SMS + 8 GB Internet
Dial 310
then press 4
90 Days

Zong Other Packages

From Zong Combo Pack You can get 50 Off-net Minutes Only and 3000 MBS or 15 DAYS.

Zong Combo Pack Offer

  • To subscribe Zong Combo Pack offer Dial *15#
  • You will Receive 50 Off-net Minutes and 3000 MBS.
  • This offer is for prepaid subscribers only.
  • You can get this offer in Rs. 200 +Tax

Zong 3 Months Power Pack Offer

From “Zong 3 Months Powerpack you can get 8000 On-net Minutes, 200 Free Off-net Minutes, 3000 SMS, or 8000 MBS for mobile Data.
  • To subscribe to this offer dial *1313#
  • You will get free 8000 On-net, 200 Off-net Mins, or Free 3000 SMS + 8000 MBS Free Internet for 3 Months.
  • to check remaining package details dial *102#
I hope You will Enjoy all Prepaid Zong Call Packages and there will not any problem with the subscription.
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